Brewing Science for the Advanced Homebrewer

Tuition: $550

Upcoming Classes:

  • March 9-10, 2013
  • September 14-15, 2013

    Application Form (download): [PDF]

    A two day weekend class aimed at describing the essential brewing science underpinning the process of brewing.

    This course is aimed at both inexperienced and experienced home brewers looking to increase their understanding of the science of brewing. Participants will have a far deeper understanding of the brewing process, enabling them to improve the quality of the beers they make at home.

    Topics covered in detail will include:

  • Brewing raw materials
  • Brewing calculations
  • Brewing practices
  • Yeast handling
  • Beer aging
  • Packaging techniques
  • Beer flavors
  • Brewing equipment design and manufacture
  • Beer dispense
  • Question and answer session

    This class will take place at The American Brewers Guild's 5600 square foot, modern facility which features a classroom, laboratory and the nation's only full scale brewing facility dedicated to brewing education. The facility is located in Middlebury, Vermont.